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This week at Early Education…


Hello friends of FLIPANY ! Welcome to my weekly blog. Our Cooking Matters class at the early Education Center in Davie is off to a great start! We have 15 parents of preschool children and it has been a pleasure working with all of them. For the past three weeks we have learned about eating healthy as well as practicing our cooking skills. Our menu today was Hearty Egg Burritos and Smoothies! We also talked about the importance of having breakfast and some breakfast foods that we can eat to stay healthy and fit.

Getting children to eat a balanced breakfast is not easy, but can be done. During class some parents shared their experiences and commented on some healthy breakfast items that they can buy at a great price.  One parent mentioned that “she has cut down on drinking 12 Mountain Dews to 4 a day” and has “stopped eating Mc Donalds”.  She has become a true advocate of changing the way you eat and embracing health and wellness. Tune in for our shopping tour at Publix on 2/21 where participants will learn how to purchase healthy food while saving their dollars!!!


2 thoughts on “This week at Early Education…

  1. Thank you for being our chef and confidant. We love our weekly cooking and nutrition classes. We have made friends, had a great time, learned a lot, and eaten delicious, healthy foods. FLIPANY and chef Jeff rock.
    Wendi F. Siegel, Ed.D., Executive Director

  2. My pleasure Wendi! The class is great and looking forward to next week at Publix!

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