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During our Shopping Matters tour this week…

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FLIPANY did a healthy grocery store tour with parents of preschoolers last week that was awesome! 

The participants really enjoyed the Shopping Matters tour

and learned how to purchase healthy foods while watching their dollars. One participant mentioned that she will read the nutrition panel and ingredients and not get fooled by what the package says. These tours are really helpful especially for parents of preschool children. Many parents have asked me about recipes and how to include more veggies in their meals. It has been a pleasure meeting parents that want to change certain behaviors and improve their overall health.

Constance, a new volunteer, enjoyed the class as well and here is her feedback:

“I had a great time shadowing Jeff’s class. Concise but thorough; all the attendees seemed to have a good time, and many participants told me that they learned a lot of helpful information”


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