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This Week at Broward Health Department…

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Welcome to Cooking Matter Para Adultos. We are excited to be working with “The Living Well Project “ in partnership with the Florida Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program  at the Broward Health Department. Our class got off to a great start and our nutrition volunteer Johanna was fantastic. She emphasized the importance of “My Plate” and the importance of balancing your meals. Many of the participants were not aware that such a guideline existed, but it became clear that all of them learned a great deal. Other topics that were covered were: Fruits and Vegetables, Fiber, Whole Grains, and Nutrition labels.  Many of the participants are very motivated to making changes to their diet and it showed throughout the class. Our Chef Jeff showed them how to make a delicious meal with nutrition information. So far, we have made Turkey Tacos, Pasta with Greens and Beans, and an Apple Salad with Yogurt and Raisins. We have received great feedback from the participants and looking forward to next week.

Stay tuned for pics and quotes from the participants!


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