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This Week at Nova Eisenhower…

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Georgia, our nutritionist volunteer talked about whole grains and the importance of fiber in our diet. The students did an activity that focused on reading the nutritional panel of several items.

One student mentioned ” I never thought reading the ingredients was important, but now I know why”. They also learned that peanut butter is a healthy snack especially those that do not contain sugar like “Smuckers All Natural”.

Chef Jeff explained to the students the importance of reading a recipe and following directions. He also showed them some measuring tools that are needed when preparing a recipe. The students enjoyed making chocolate and strawberry french toast. It was so yummy that one of my students, Andre said, “It’s the best day of my life!”Alexa said she will try this recipe at home with her parents and another student said, “I don’t like…I LOVE it!!”

Stay tuned for next week’s class!


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