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This Week at Nova Eisenhower…

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Week 5 at Nova Eisenhower was a lot of fun! The students learned how to make smart choices as if they were at the grocery store and practiced identifying fruits, vegetables, and whole grains when they are out to eat. Georgia did an activity where each student had to identify a product and where it originated. For example, one student received Frosted Flakes and he had to know where that product was made. It was interesting to see that most students knew where their food came from.

During the cooking portion of the lesson, Chef Jeff made Hummus, Trail Mix, and Tuna Boats. Every student helped the Chef prepare the recipes and also go to taste each one. Andre from Mrs. Haggerty’s class really liked the Hummus and told me that he will ask his Dad to make it at home.

Alexa in Ms. Luck’s class told me that she really liked the tuna and was very tasty. She stated:” I never knew I can put beans in the tuna”. “It tastes yummy”!


Stay tuned for Week 6 where the students will make chocolate pudding and graduate!



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