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This week at Children’s Harbor…

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For week 4, we reviewed fast food and healthy substitutes.   We asked the  teens what   feel a typical value meal at a fast food restaurant would have, and one teen said, “1800 calories,” which was close.  It was researched that 1700 calories was the average calorie intake with a  fast food meal, with soda, large fries, and a burger.   We also asked them what they felt would be a healthy substitute and one teen said, ”a steak.”  I the chef and I indicated that moderation is key with anything you do, and treating  yourself once a week is Ok as long as you maintain a healthy diet through MyPlate the other 6 days of the week, so they won’t overdue  it down the line.   We then asked the teens what they felt saturated and unsaturated fats were, and one teen said, “They put on extra weight!”  We then put together a Blubber Burger, which was a about 8 teaspoons of vegetable cooking oil and put it on two buns and the kids were shocked at the amount of fat they put in their bodies when they do decide to eat a fast food meal.


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